Posted By: Mobashir Rahman, Date of Post: March 12, 2013
Genre: Romance Musical Drama 
Type: AVI 5.1 1080p Blu-Ray Full HD HD 
Language: English 
Poster | Burlesque (2010) |

A small-town lass ventures to Los Angeles and finds her put in a neo-burlesque bang course by a previous dancer.

Director: Steve Antin
Writer: Steve Antin
Stars: Cher, Christina Aguilera, Alan Cumming


Christina Aguilera
Eric Dane
Cam Gigandet
Julianne Hough
Alan Cumming
Peter Gallagher
Kristen Bell
Stanley Tucci
Dianna Agron
Glynn Turman
David Walton
Terrence Jenkins
Chelsea Traille
Tanee McCall-Short

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